About Guéthary

Guethary is a small village of approximately 1500 inhabitants and a popular destination for tourism, especially for surfers. It is referred to as the surf mecka of Europe today where many surf legends can be seen.

The history of the village often refer to fishermen. Guethary was a perfect place for whale spotting. As the village is situated very high up on the coast, the view over the sea is perfect and endless. Whale hunting was a very big industry a long time ago, it has been known since the 11th century. The whales gave great fortune to the village and the people who lived here as the meat, the fat and the skin could be used. Unfortunately the whale fishing was too intense and the lack of control lead to an empty ocean. The whales were gone, therefore there’s no such activity today.

The tourism in the south west took off when it became fashionable to sunbathe and enjoy the Casinos. It started in the beginning of the 18th century.

Today Guethary still have a lot of French tourists but also people from other countries who enjoy the pittoresque environment and cosy vibe that is really hard to describe with words. It is quite magic, being so close to the ocean. The feeling of being on the edge of the country and in front of you there’s only ocean. It’s is something that we think that you need to experience yourself. Have a look at some photos of our village here.

The Marienia

Accommodation in the legendary Maison Marienia in the centre of Guéthary for some camps. Wiith views over the wave, a terrace and old fashioned dining room. Mayie and Douglas Jardine set the pension up, welcoming surfers, artists and travellers from the 1960s onwards.The spirit of the pension has remained bohemian, now run as a arts association, hosting art exhibitions, social events frequented by international and local surfers.

marienia-dining room.jpg

Villa Anvers

The living that you get when you stay in Villa Anvers is breathless. The surroundings offer not only a lovely garden but a unique experience of living with the ocean and the mountains. The unique nature that the Basque coast has, is right there for you to enjoy.

The ocean is in front of the house, the world famous wave called Parlementia is rolling in front of the house.

The villa itself is a newly renovated Basque villa, divided into 5 flats. Each flat hold a high standard with modern decoration. The owners have a great interest in decoration.

The flats are all equipped with bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette. The size of each flat differ therefore it depends on the size of your group in which flat you stay.

You are within walking distance to the heart of the village of Guethary. It takes about 2 minutes to get to cafés, bars, restaurants and shops and 5 minutes to walk to the beach.

Free wifi if you need it. :)

Below you can see the wonderful view from the house.