About our surf camps

Our surf camps are based in a village called Guethary on the French west coast. It is situated 20 minutes from Biarritz in the Basque Country. This place offers a mix of what is traditional Basque, French and Spanish, we are only 40 minutes away from the Spanish border. We can offer local surf spots because we are respected locals who have a long surf history here. We want to share the beautiful spots with you.

The place where you will stay, either Maison Marienia or Villa Anvers. They are both within walking distance to beaches as well as the heart of the village. In the village you will find restaurants, shops, bars and a local market on weekends.

Our surf camps are friendly, fun and adapted to your level. We want you to enjoy the fun of surf and the fantastic nature that we have here. When you surf you get the chance to enjoy the view of the mountains at the same time.

We will teach you how to surf at local beaches since we have authorized beach access to nearby beaches. We choose waves depending on daily conditions and adapt the course to your surf level. All our instructors are licensed instructors and they will do everything to teach you surf but it is equally important to just have fun and enjoy your experience with us.


The Camps

All camps are based in Guethary (approximately 15 minutes by car from Biarritz airport) and they all include living and surf lessons with licensed instructors. The place where you stay will not always be the same and the options around food will not always be the same either.

Click on the images to read more about each surf camp.

If you have any questions please send us an email, surfcampjohanna@gmail.com