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Kirstie Garrett

I live in Guéthary and love the ocean but never quite found the route to the waves until Johanna and Wilma invited me to the 1st surf mama camp last year.

I’ve been lucky enough to continue with the Surf Mamas on their Friday surf when I am here. I work and travel a lot so don’t always make it, but it does not bother me if my progress is slow. If I can do it anyone can!

I work with massage among many other things, so if you feel like a massage after one of your surf sessions I’ll be happy to help.

Read about Kirsties skin care business that she has founded as well.

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Marina Golovine

A French woman with roots from Switzerland and Russia.

She has travelled since a very young age thanks to her work as an actress in theaters, films, TV and radio.

Marina has always loved cooking for friends and family! Food and the entire preparation is her great passion! 

She will be delighted to cook tasty, healthy breakfasts and picnic dishes for you.

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Wilma Johnson

Wilma Johnson is an artist and writer, who moved to Guéthary at the same time as Johanna Reinhardt. She was the first member of the Mamas Surf Club. She was so inspired by the experience that she wrote a book about it!

Surf Mama tells the story of the club, and Wilma’s experiences learning to surf as an extremely unsporty 44 year old London artist.

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Caroline Piechaud

Mama, surfer, in love with Guéthary and the Parlementia wave. Co-owner of Providence situated in the middle of the village : a small cafe restaurant shop gallery where I work every day with the aim that everyone should feel at home. Here you can have a nice coffee, discover a new dish or new art and meet somebody nice.


Lina Bou

Origin Swedish half Spanish based in France since 2012.
As a creative person that loves to work with the hands, my passion for holistic nutrition, plant medicine and food brought me to were I am today.
I am a Freelance Creative Cook, Artist, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist - healing through food and art.

Visit Linas page to find out more;

Photo by Laurence Revol.

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Florence Coudray

Floethics - Grateful to the Sun in the morning, kissing the moon at sunset. 

Yoga & Ayurveda on the way between snowflakes and salty water, Chamonix and Guethary, France. 

22 years orbiting around the earth, losing altitude not attitude, landing & swimming, feeling support & growing faith, breathing & meditating, learning & sharing.

Motion, Emotion rippling the soul.

You can find out more about Flo on here: